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FREELANDLOGISTICS provides a range of freight forwarding services. We are ready to transport your cargo by rail in all kinds of rolling stock (gondola cars, covered wagons, platforms, tanks, etc.). In addition to the basic transportation service, it is possible to provide complex freight forwarding services at the request of the client.

Company services:  

•  supply of railway rolling stock;

• organization of multimodal transportation;

• shipper/consignee services;

• responsible storage of cargo;

• contract logistics;

• coordination of plans for railway transportation;

• combined shipments.

Our advantages:

• full control of wagons throughout the entire route;

• compliance with delivery deadlines;

• no restrictions on the volume and quantity of cargo.

Working with our companies, you will receive professional logistics services, as well as a number of advantages.

High speed delivery

Full safety of cargo

Wide geography of services

Attractive rates

Professional team
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