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"FREELANDLOGISTICS" is included in the register of customs representatives (No. 0184 dated 12.10.2018) . Our team is experts in customs clearance with more than 20 years of experience. We process cargo transported by any means of transport (rail, road, aviation, sea). 

In-demand services:

• Placing goods under any customs procedures;

• Registration of transit at checkpoints (railway, sea, auto, air);

• Periodic declaration;

• Obtaining permits;

• Implementation of actual control;

• Preparation of documents for obtaining classification decisions of RTU and FCS of Russia;

• Consulting in the field of customs and foreign trade;

• Preparation of documents confirming the customs value;

• Legal assistance in passing customs inspections;

• Challenging illegal actions of customs authorities and protecting interests in cases of administrative offenses.

Our advantages:

• Highly qualified employees;

• Round-the-clock operation;

• Flexible approach to pricing;

• Wide geography.


Certificate of Customs Representative



Our company has been working for a long time with the Central Energy Customs, which is a specialized customs authority for the movement of energy resources across the customs border of the Russian Federation.

Our specialists have extensive experience in working with products of the 27th group of ETN VED (hydrocarbons such as crude oil, crude oil (03), coal, medium and heavy distillates (gasolines, naphtha and others), exported from the territory of the Russian Federation , rail, road transport.

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Working with our companies, you will receive professional logistics services, as well as a number of advantages.

High speed delivery

Full safety of cargo

Wide geography of services

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