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The company "Freelandlogistics" provides a complete list of quality warehousing services. Customer convenience is our main goal. Rendering warehousing services, our employees select the best ways of storage and the best options for placing the goods, based on its individual characteristics.


Responsible storage services involve the temporary transfer of cargo belonging to the client to our company for the period specified in the contract. At the same time, we take full responsibility for the condition and safety of the transported goods, protecting you from force majeure and possible losses.

  • place for responsible storage for loads from 1 pallet;
  • round-the-clock security and processing services;


We are ready to provide services for the packaging of goods and carry out the palletizing of goods for subsequent delivery to the destination. Packaging materials, including corrugated cardboard, hemp or jute bags, crates, steel cans, barrels, wrapping tapes, cages, multi-layered boxes or paper bags, as well as more modern packaging materials make it possible to avoid damage to the cargo and reliably combine its parts into one whole, which simplifies transportation and reduces risks during transportation.


Our experts are ready to provide services for marking your product. The presence of the marking makes it possible to verify the compliance of the transport and accompanying documents, and it will also inform the carrier of the rules that must be followed when transporting and storing a certain type of cargo.

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Working with our companies, you will receive professional logistics services, as well as a number of advantages.

High speed delivery

Full safety of cargo

Wide geography of services

Attractive rates

Professional team
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