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Sea Freight

Sea container transportation, to date, is one of the most effective ways to deliver cargo over long distances. Of the advantages of sea freight, it can be noted: the regularity of flights, the optimal cost and a fairly high safety of your cargo. The company "Freelandlogistics" provides a wide range of services, ranging from the transportation of sea containers, to certification and cargo insurance. Our clients receive service for the delivery of any cargo "door to door." Our professional managers are happy to answer all questions and make calculations.


  • Low cost relative to other modes of transport
  • The carrying capacity of ships allows you to carry large volumes and oversized cargo
  • The capacity of sea lanes is unlimited, with the exception of channel capacity.
  • Transportation of sea containers is available from any city, due to multimodal transportation. (possibility of delivery of goods in stages, several modes of transport)

Contact us to get low rates for freight and delivery of your containers in the shortest possible time. We will deliver your goods from door to door. We will promptly deliver the goods from Europe and China.

Our qualified managers will help you arrange transportation, both in standard containers and in special containers (open, refrigerated containers and others). Here you can get all the necessary advice on how to fill in bills of lading, customs clearance documents and other related information. Avoid delays in customs processing and cargo clearance, and reduce the cost of storing and using shipping containers with FreeLendGogistics.

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Working with our companies, you will receive professional logistics services, as well as a number of advantages.

High speed delivery

Full safety of cargo

Wide geography of services

Attractive rates

Professional team
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