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Railway Freight

For 20 years now we have been engaged in rail transportation of goods in Russia and abroad. We carry out transportation by the whole and combined cars, available there are cars of various configurations and types. Our cargo routes will provide you with an expeditious speed of delivery and complete safety of cargo at affordable rates.

We can offer clients the following services in the field of carriage by rail:

  • Transportation of any cargo in the Russian Federation
  • Transportation of containers in Russia and abroad
  • Sending combined cars in the Russian Federation
  • Rail transportation of cargo from Europe to the Russian Federation
  • Transportation of oversized cargo in Russia and abroad
  • Handling and warehousing in the Russian Federation
  • Sending wheeled vehicles in open rolling stock
  • Customs clearance
  • Forwarding cargo worldwide


This is a professional approach to work and the ability to please the customer. With an extensive network of representative offices and representatives in the largest transport hubs, we will efficiently and profitably carry out any delivery by rail. And also, we will provide a detailed calculation of tariffs for transportation by railway transport from the station of departure to the destination, optimizing the route and conditions for the transportation of any goods.

Our lawyers are ready to provide support for cargo transportation: customs clearance, transportation and other necessary documents; carry out cargo insurance; arrange and calculate all additional tariffs and costs associated with the carriage of goods by rail on the territory of various countries of destination (security, customs declaration, agency and forwarding, various customs fees, payment for loading and unloading) and make convenient delivery on the terms of the door to the door.

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Working with our companies, you will receive professional logistics services, as well as a number of advantages.

High speed delivery

Full safety of cargo

Wide geography of services

Attractive rates

Professional team
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